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Name:Aryn Wakefield
Birthdate:Sep 12
Location:United States of America
Stats (Friendly Skies)
Name: Aryn Elizabeth Wakefield
Birthdate: September 12, 1980
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Age: 34
Current Residence: NYC, Manhattan
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nicknames: Ar (pronounced "air"), Goldilocks (wakefield_son)
Distinguishing marks:This tattoo on her left bikini line, all black with a red heart.
Family:Geoffrey Wakefield II (father), Elizabeth Wakefield (née Prescott - mother), Geoffrey Wakefield III (brother), Serena Wakefield (sister), Inga Krauss (childhood nanny)
Occupation: Flight attendant with Pacific Air
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, listening to music, picnics at the beach, road trips, enjoying time with friends, horseback riding, exploring new places.
Relationship status: Single
Stats (Tenebrae Nostro)
Name: Aryn Elizabeth Wakefield
Birthdate: September 12, 1980
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Age: 34
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nicknames: Ar (pronounced "air"), Goldilocks (wakefield_son)
Distinguishing marks:This tattoo on her left bikini line, all black with a red heart; and this one on her lower back.
Family:Geoffrey Wakefield II (father), Elizabeth Wakefield (née Prescott - mother), Geoffrey Wakefield III (wakefield_son - brother), Serena Wakefield (sister), Inga Krauss (childhood nanny)
Occupation: Nightstalker and private investigator with Wakefield Investigations (formerly King & Wakefield Investigations); former flight attendant
Hobbies: Reading, traveling, listening to music, training, vampire hunting, road trips, horseback riding, swimming/beach-going, getting into trouble
Relationship status: Single
The Muse
Aryn is the youngest child of Geoffrey and Elizabeth Wakefield. Her great-grandfather, Charles Wakefield, founded Wakefield Publishing in 1895, and the reins have been passed down through the years, from her great-grandfather to her grandfather, and finally her father. Surrounded by books all her life, Aryn grew to love reading and would often be found curled up in her window seat with a book. Her favorites were fairy tales and books on the world and travel. She never wanted for anything as a child - except her parents' approval.

Aryn graduated from one of the top prep schools in New York and attended Harvard University. The field of Accounting and Management was chosen for her by her parents to be declared as her major and it was expected that she would assume a role in Wakefield Publishing as her brother and sister had before her - but Aryn's studies bored her in ways that no books ever had, and she dropped out after the first semester of her sophomore year. Though she loved reading and books, she wanted no parts of the business side of publishing. She took a course and indulged her desire to travel, interviewing for a flight attendant position with several major carriers. Her parents, furious, threatened to disown her if she pursued it as a career, and made good on the threat when she wouldn't back down. She took a job with a major carrier in Los Angeles and has not had any contact with them since.

But Aryn does maintain contact with her siblings. Her relationship with her brother is great; he still calls her Goldilocks, after her favorite bedtime story. And they talk on the phone at least once a week. But things are strained between Aryn and her sister, and they don't really speak much; Serena was the first girl and was always the favored daughter. Aryn still harbors resentment for the fact that she was never able to gain her parents' approval no matter what she did or how hard she worked, but Serena got it without ever having to work for it. She just had to be born.

Aryn still struggles with being cut out of her parents' lives so easily. She pretends she's fine, and most days she is - but there are days when she's not, though recently they're occurring less frequently. When they do happen, those days usually involve a bar and a bottle of Cuervo - drinking buddy optional, but preferred. She tries not to judge a book by its cover, but she doesn't always succeed and can be utterly judgmental at times. She tries to substitute her need for her parents' approval with the approval of people she's friends with, or thinks she could be; if she likes you, your opinion matters to her, whether she's known you for years or a few hours.

Her friends are her family and she's fiercely protective of them. Mess with any one of them, and you mess with her - friends have each other's backs, that's just the way she rolls. But friends are honest with each other, too - and she'll be honest with hers, even when they might not want to hear it; she's not shy about giving her opinion even if it's unpopular or calling someone out when they have it coming. She tends to be methodical and logical, social and good with people; she's confident enough in that when it comes to her job but when it comes to relationships, she has issues with self-esteem and self-worth stemming from her parents. She's working on them and she's making progress, but it's a slow process. Her sense of humor ranges from flirty to sarcastic to goofy, sometimes dirty, and in some ways she's still very much an aristocrat; she likes her wardrobe and her home to be elegant and classy, though she's practical enough that she values function over form and won't spend an arm and a leg just to have a designer label. Well, usually. There is that one pair of Louboutins she has her eye on that would look amazing with her little black dress...

She's stubborn and headstrong, and tends to have a sharp tongue and be bitingly sarcastic when she's feeling defensive. She's honest with people and expects the same in return and though she's generally fairly easy-going, there are some things that just hit her buttons, and it's usually best to give her a wide berth and time to cool down when she's pissed at you. After the storm passes, she'll talk things out and probably forgive you for whatever it was; there are very few things she can't (or won't) forgive. If you push her too far, she'll push back - usually only with words, though she did take a couple karate lessons on a vacation to Japan and liked it so much she enrolled when she got back to LA. Her schedule didn't leave her time to attend regularly, but she learned enough to get her green belt, and she has and would use it if she felt physically threatened.

[Note that the above is a general bio and there may be slight variations in personality/beliefs from verse to verse, depending on whether her backstory has been altered from the canon above. e.g., in tenebrae_nostro she doesn't have a close relationship with her brother and ergo is more emotionally guarded and closed off when it comes to letting herself get close to other people/showing her feelings than she is in the other verses.]
Verses and Miscellany
Aryn is an original character and not affiliated with any canon in any fandom. She is available for roleplay with pretty much anyone, and is open to playing a variety of timelines and storylines with a variety of RP partners at any given time. Her mun will RP almost anything, but she will not RP sex with any characters who are minors or muns who are minors, so please do not go there in an RP if you and your character are not legal adults.

'Verse Information


Friendly Skies: Aryn was offered a transfer for Pacific Air, from working out of LAX to working out of JFK. It meant going back to the same city as her parents again, but it also meant being close to Geoffrey and her new sister-in-law, and a fresh start after her last relationship crashed and burned. So she took it. She's been back a little over a six months and made a few friends, but she's still adjusting and always open to making more.

(Friendly Skies (or FS if the mun's feeling lazy) is typically her default verse in sws/smuttysws unless otherwise noted, or unless playing with gamemates from TN (see below) with whom CR has been carried over to DW. For memes, I can set her basically anywhere.)


Tenebrae Nostro: Flight attendant Aryn Wakefield learned that the vampires she'd always assumed were the stuff of novels and campy TV shows and movies were real when a night of drunken karaoke with Hannibal King went horribly wrong and Blade had to save the day. With that knowledge, Aryn became a target for the fanged-ones and after a run-in with the bloodsucking monsters on her way home from Tony Stark's technology show, she was rescued yet again by Blade, who gave her a choice: hunt them or let them hunt her. It was an easy decision for someone who liked breathing as much as Aryn did, so she joined with the Nightstalkers, intent on paying the fang-faced losers back for ruining her life. Now, with Deacon Frost a human and Blade, Abby, and Abe Whistler having left LA for parts unknown, Aryn briefly partnered with King in the P.I. business, investigating the shady happenings in LA's underworld, until he landed himself in prison trying to carry out a personal vendetta against Frost and his lover. Aryn hired Deadpool to break her partner out of prison, but whatever partnership they had was irreparably broken by King's deceit and their constant fighting over Aryn's association with Ethan Granger - King's enemy, associate... and partner in crime on the vendetta that landed both men in prison. Aryn is currently in Arizona, trying to forget about King break Ethan out of federal custody with the help of her FBI ex-boyfriend and his partner.

(Other 'verses may be added, and 'verse information will be updated, as things are fleshed out.)
Standard Disclaimer
Aryn Wakefield, her family, and Pacific Air are FICTIONAL people; original characters/entities created by me. Olivia Wilde is used as a visual representation of Aryn and belongs to herself. No infringement intended, no money being made. This journal is for roleplay and entertainment only. Entries in this journal may contain adult themes, language, and sexual content. Entries will be clearly labeled. Those who are underage should not read. Muse and mun well over 21.
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